Monday, November 7, 2011

Football and Pizza!

Gorgeous weather for November--a bit crazy after a snowstorm in October!  After raking leaves we were all set to do our family activity.  Last week, my husband had been picked to be the first one to choose a family activity and he chose a football-watching and pizza-making evening.  The big game started at 4:00, right when my daughter had a soccer game.  What to do, what to do...

This is our family issue; we are all so busy that we can barely be together.  It is good for the kids to be active, healthy, and able to do the activities they really like to do--but when do we draw the line for time together? 
We decided that we would all go to watch her game and cheer her on, then come back, watch what's left of the game, and make individual pizzas.  My son, the wanna-be chef, had the idea to grill our pizzas, so we did, and they turned out fabulous!  In the football game, the sound is turned off when the players are huddled or when the coach is talking on his microphone.  The best part of watching the game was listening to the kids make up what the players and coaches were saying! 

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